Provide A Seamless Flow

AMICO Finish plates provide a seamless flow throughout the entire length of the fence. These finish plates are mounted to the “Amiguard posts” and then bolted through the panels. These plates provide a seamless junction over the Amiguard posts and panel joints.

This is the final step in AMICO’s unitizing process tying together the curtain wall with the rest of the system while creating a finished, seamless aesthetically pleasing look.

The ANC system was developed as a total perimeter solution to offer a safe, aesthetically pleasing, non-conductive, radar friendly alternative to traditional fencing. ANC is growing rapidly in popularity and has many applications and advantages.

Savings – can be up to 50% less than the overall installed cost of grounded chain link fence
Security – M5 security rating in compliance with the ASTM standards
Can be installed to meet any layout
Tested to 660KV to be non-conductive
100% non-metallic and corrosion resistant
Has been installed up to 20ft high
Can be retrofitted to existing metallic posts
Pedestrian and vehicle swing and slide gates
Capsheets are available to deter climbing
Panels are light enough for a 2-man crew

finish Plates

How tough is the mesh?

Prevents Water Intrusion

The AMICO Secura sleeve is a two part insert that slides through the post to provide a water resistant, smooth surface to slide the rail through. Secura sleeves are designed to prevent water intrusion which can result in corrosion and freezing, thus diminishing the lifespan of the fence.

Airports & Aviation Sector

RADAR Friendly Perimeter Fence

Power & Energy Sector

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Stronger And Lighter Than Traditional Rails

Infini-Rail is AMICO’s continuous rail design which eliminates many of the cuts, clamps and connections that are necessary when installing most traditional fences. This proprietary roll formed design has a highly engineered shape and is stronger and lighter than traditional rails. Infini-Rail ties the entire system together stretching the entire length of the fence. Infini-Rail can also be utilized to run impact and fiber optic cables throughout the fence.

Infini-Rail is a key component to our unitized design, connecting the entire fence together into one continuous curtain wall – greatly improving Amiguard’s structural integrity and ability to absorb impact.


secura sleeve

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Corners and Rails

Proven to withstand
Category 5 hurricane wind speeds

Secure Substations and Power Facilities

High Security Fence products

Diamond Fasteners

A Safe Secure Attachment

The Amiguard panels are attached to the structure by our Diamond Fasteners which allow you to through bolt them directly to the Infini-Rail. Diamond Fasteners are another step in our unitized process providing a safe secure attachment that is extremely difficult to breach.

Secure substations, power facilities and energy companies throughout the world are becoming increasingly aware that ANC is the best solution to eliminate unforeseen occurrences related to touch and step potential.

ANC can help to insure that power employees who work around substations are safer.

As population centers evolve, the need for added safety and security is required.

ANC is the solution.

As the need for airport security increases, AMICO has the answer. Airports throughout the globe are searching for perimeter systems that won’t interfere with radar signals – ANC hits the mark.

It’s safe, secure and provides a clean aesthetically pleasing look that blends into the landscape.


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