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Amico Fence Products have a large selection of high security perimeter fence products ranging from heavy duty hard to penetrate mesh to modular cages stackable fence panels, brackets to covert your standard chain link fence into a heavy duty high security fence all the way to bullet proof or ballistic  panels to protect certain assets.

AMIGUARD fence system can provide a high end perimeter fence solution with a modern tough feel and design.


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SECURA MESH® Cage and partition system can are modular and complety stackable when you need more height.

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Border Security
Government Agencies

ANC® NON-CONDUCTIVE fence can be used at power plants, airports, and other facilites requiring a non conductive fence.

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High Security Fence products


CHAMELEON bracket system can work with your existing chain link fenc posts to give you a heavy duty secure fence.



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April 11th, 2017

News provided by Amico Security

AMICO Security, the nation's leading manufacturer of high-security perimeter systems, is introducing to the market the ultimate multi-layered border security solution. This solution combines the latest in radar surveillance technology with high security layered, double walled fencing and state of the art detection technology to create a comprehensive border solution.